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twitter vs instagram threads

Comparing Twitter VS Instagram Threads is very obvious, as the birth of Instagram Threads happened to kill Twitter only. I am not saying that, but this is already viral on various popular websites. Just search with Will thread kill Twitter?

That might be a marketing strategy to introduce Instagram Thread on a large scale. And that happened exactly as soon as Instagram Thread launched. Threads have been around for more than a month now, and the last reported numbers show over 100 million users on Threads.

Every time something like that happens, people think it’s unique. The same happened when ChatGPT crossed 1 million users in just 5 days. But Threads by Instagram has completely overpowered all facts and broken all expectations.

Online ServiceLaunch YearTime Taken to Reach 1 Million Users
Threads20231 hour
ChatGPT20225 days
Instagram***20102.5 months
Spotify20085 months
Dropbox20087 months
Facebook200410 months
Foursquare***200913 months
Twitter20062 years
Airbnb**20082.5 years
Kickstarter*20092.5 years
Netflix19993.5 years

* 1 million backers ** 1 million nights booked *** 1 million downloads

Twitter VS Instagram Threads Quick Comparison

Let me be honest: I asked Google Bard What is the difference between Twitter and threads? And here is the reply from that AI Tool in a tabular format. But when I asked ChatGPT, it could not say anything about Instagram Thread as it only has a database up to 2021.

Whatever information I got from that tool, I found helpful only about Instagram Threads Vs Twitter.

FeatureTwitterInstagram Threads
Communication stylePublic, real-timePrivate, intimate
It can be used independently of other Twitter productsText, images, videos, GIFs, live streamsText, images, videos
DiscoverabilityContent FormatYour Threads are only visible to your close friends
Usage patternsUsed for broadcasting news, sharing insights, participating in trending topics, and connecting with like-minded individualsUsed for sharing everyday moments, maintaining closer connections, and keeping up with close friends
Ecosystem integrationIs a standalone app but requires an Instagram account to sign upIt can be noisy and overwhelming, public nature can lead to trolling and harassment
FeaturesCharacter limit of 280 characters, polls, threads, lists, DMs, FleetsIt can be noisy and overwhelming, and public nature can lead to trolling and harassment.
ProsLarge user base, global reach, wide range of featuresMore personal and intimate, easier to keep up with close friends, higher engagement
ConsIt can be noisy and overwhelming, and public nature can lead to trolling and harassmentSmaller user base, limited features, not as integrated with other Instagram products

Now Instagram Threads has a lot of better features compared to Twitter. I got these details from HootSuite Blog.

Post Length500 characters280 characters*
Videos5 minutes2m 20s*
Delete PostsYesYes
Edit PostsNoNo*
Direct MessagingNoYes
Trending StoriesNoYes
Limits how many posts users can read per dayNoYes

Twitter Vs Threads: Which one will dominate social media in 2024?

twitter vs instagram threads
twitter vs instagram threads

As Instagram Threads is the new kid in the town, there is a lot of buzz and excitement. And that is also from the Meta family with a massive user base. Besides that, as a new social media platform, people are trying to take advantage of early growth.

Definitely, you can get excellent reach, lots of new users, and traffic as many people are exploring. But gradually, this will settle down for sure.

While comparing Twitter with Threads, there are a lot of features that are attractive in Instagram Threads. Besides that, Instagram is very popular and one of the most accessed social media platforms.

That means, in the coming days, the integration with Threads & Instagram will definitely make life easy for users. This means one can easily share content across platforms as they both are from the Meta family only. We have noticed the same with Facebook & Instagram.

So, what do you think about these 2 platforms? Which one will win the battle between Twitter Vs. Instagram Threads? Write a comment below and share your thoughts.

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