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Which Google rank checker tool will tell where your website is ranking? Well, there is not a single tool, but many useful Keyword rank checker tools available online that I am going to share on this article.

We all know that the position of your article in Google search significantly affects your website traffic, lead creation, and conversion. The more people will click on your results & find your article worthy, your website authority will grow more.

But how to know where exactly your website articles are ranking in Google? These website keyword rank checker online tools will help you find that.

Today I am going to share with you the top 10 keyword ranking tools in 2019 in the world. Before we get started, we should know what keyword ranking is and how it is crucial for you.

Let’s find out what is keyword ranking. It is the position of your website in the search engine for a particular keyword. Do you know that keyword ranking affects your web traffic, lead generation, and ultimately, your website conversion?

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What is A Rank Checker Tool

It is a widely known fact, the higher the ranking you get, the higher the traffic you gain from the search engine. Because most of the internet traffic still generate from search engines.

Every SEO company in India always have questions regarding how to improve keyword rankings, for example, “How does my site rank for the keywords I’m focusing on?” and “What keywords does my site rank for?”

Rank checking is crucial for everyone who is having their website. Now the question is, how can we track our website rankings? The most straightforward answer to this question is the keyword ranking tool.

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With a fantastic rank tracking tool, you can get a firm understanding of where you remain with your rankings, who your rivals are, and what pages of yours need improvement.

In this article, I will share some of the popular SEO tools that will help you to track your keywords on search engines & help you to improve ranking.

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Key Features To Know About Keyword Tracking Tools

Keyword research tools not just help you to check your website ranking, but, you can also check your rivals’ rankings with these tools. There are plenty of keyword ranking tools available in the market, both free and paid.

Paid ones are always the best one because these tools are offering excellent features to you. Here are the significant features of keyword research tools.

best keyword rank tracking tools

1. A number of keywords for checking positions:

The number of keywords varies from site to site industry to industry. Let me take an example; an eCommerce site will always have a higher number of keywords to track then an ordinary services based website.

Keyword ranking tools allow you to track any number of the keyword. But it is based on their packages. The more you want to track, the more you need to spend.

2. Frequency of ranking checks:

SEO becoming more competitive than ever before. Rankings are fluctuating like a thunderstorm. Therefore the business needs to keep an eye on the ranking on a daily basis. Keyword ranking tools provide you the most recent ranking data of your keywords.

3. Keyword analysis matrix:

It shows you the data of the keywords, i.e., monthly volume and competition. It helps you to understand how much traffic you can generate from a particular keyword.

These tools provide an extensive amount of keyword data at your fingertips. In this way, you better analyze your keywords. Also, understand why specific keywords perform better than others.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

No one wants to pay more for the keyword ranking tools. There are most of the keyword rank checking tools which are quite expensive. I would like you to recommend to choose the best one that is used by the industry SEO experts. You can get have their basic package in the early stages of your SEO career. Keep a track of the upcoming Black Friday Deals 2019 on SEO Tools.

5. Applicability and support

It is not an easy job for the SEO newbies to operate the keyword research tools. They may face some problems while using these tools. Therefore they want to get in touch with customer support. At the early stages of my SEO career, I’ve also taken the help of customer support.

It is a common thing you should do it because you have paid for the services. I want to suggest you take the trail of the keyword research tools. During your trial period, get in touch with customer support. It will help you to pick the best tool, that is having the best customer support.

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Use These Tools To Check Keyword Ranking in Google

Helping you in making the best choice, here are the best 10 keyword rank checker tools:

1. Semrush (#1 All-in-One Marketing Tool)

semrush keyword tracking tool

Semrush is one of my personal favorite keyword ranking tools. It is quite easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface. Even an SEO beginner can use it like a pro.

That’s the reason it is one of the most popular tools in the world. All you need to do is out your URL in the search bar and then press the enter button. SEMRush will automatically fetch all your website ranking data.

It will show the entire list of ranking keywords on a country basis. You can also compare your website rankings with your rival’s site.


  • Google Analytics and Search Console reconciliation
  • Far-reaching keyword information
  • Capacity to map keywords in SERP characteristics
  • Free 30-Day Trials
  • customer resistance


  • Constrained keywords to check rankings for
  • Limited projects to build

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2. Accuranker (World’s Fastest Rank Tracker)

Accuranker keyword tracking tool

AccuRanker is a powerful rank checker tool. It allows you to track the keyword ranking of up to 100,000 keywords. You can also integrate Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

In this, you’ll get comprehensive and practical data for each keyword. It provides various data of keywords, i.e., searches volume, CPC, potential traffic, and much more.

You can also compare your ranking with your top 10 competitors. It daily updates the keyword ranking. You can also see the hourly data by clicking on the refresh option.


  • Every day rank check
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics mix
  • Top to bottom keyword information
  • Boundless domains
  • Boundless users
  • Easy to use interface
  • 15-day free preliminary
  • Clients support


  • Constrained keywords to follow
  • Cost

3. Ahrefs (Best SEO Tool To Grow Your Search Traffic)

Ahrefs keyword tracking tool

Ahrefs is yet another fantastic keyword research tool recommended by experts. It is using by millions of SEO experts around the world. What makes it an excellent keyword research tool? You can track Google rankings in up to 170 countries by Ahrefs.

All the keywords you track within your project will be with search visibility, average status, and traffic and more metrics.

You can also compare your ranking with your top 5 competitors based on ranking progress, search traffic, and SERP features. Likewise SEMrush, Ahrefs allows keyword mapping to SERP features. But it can alert you if any of your keywords have won or lost the SERP feature.


  • Google Analytics and Search Console integration
  • Thorough keyword data
  • Ability to map keywords in SERP features
  • customer support


  • Keywords rankings checking limit
  • Limited projects to build
  • Rank Check Frequency limit
  • No free trial

4. Rank Tracker ( by SEO Powersuite)

Rank Tracker from SEO PowerSuite

Rank Tracker is one of the best keyword ranking tools. It provides the majority of facilities to check website rankings. If you have this tool in your SEO tool armory, then, you can check rankings in Google, Bing, YouTube, and more than 300 other web indexes.

It also provides you the facility to check the keyword ranking of any keyphrases from the ranking. You can also compare the keyphrase with your rivals’ rankings.

It is truly insane functionality of these tools. You can check the keyword ranking based on any custom area.

The custom area can be a country, state, city, or even road address. Would you believe it? Absolutely no!

But it is true, this functionality is amazing. You can also refresh your ranking as per your requirements. This tools

The tool has the coordination with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. It provides you the useful insights into your keywords, i.e., the number of ventures, traffic sources, CPC, and lots more.

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  • Unlimited keywords to check rankings for
  • Boundless domains to analyze
  • Ability to check rankings with any frequency
  • Complete keyword data
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration
  • Unlimited Free Trial
  • customer support


It doesn’t offer the user-friendly interface. For the first time users, it is quite difficult to work on it.

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5. Google search console

Google Search Console

This tool in our list is an old yet gold Google search console. It is an excellent source of keyword data directly from Google.

It shows which keywords are ranking for your web pages within the last seven days and which positions they occupy.

You can also have a list of your pages that get the most clicks from Google. It also shows which search queries, and other analytical data such as impressions, CTR, and average status.

It offers you the flexibility to filter the data according to date, page, or tool for your convenience.


  • 100% Free
  • Google’s tools
  • New user-friendly interface


  • Information may be incorrect
  • There may be discrepancies between Google Analytics and search console data
  • No customer support
  • May not be consistent with experienced SEO

6. Advanced web ranking

Advanced Web Ranking keyword tracking tool

Advanced Web Ranking is a very useful tool for those who want to keep track of their website’s rankings.

You can easily access this tool from any device. It shows accurate rankings in over 130 countries and 22 search engines.

For those who do local SEO, this tool also allows them to track mapped location-specific rankings at the zip code level.

Each tracked keyword will accompany all the keyword data from the Google Search Console and Google Analytics.


  • Daily Rank Checking
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration
  • Complete keyword data
  • Free 30-Day Trials
  • customer support


  • Limited keywords to follow
  • The software may not conform to the beginners

7. Authority Labs (Reliable SEO Tracking Tool)

Authority Labs keyword tracking tool

Like AccuRanker, it is an independent keyword rank tracking tool. It’s specialization in delivering the exact ranking data. With this tool, you can track search results at state, city, and even postal code levels. You can also check daily rankings.

It has default integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. That’s why you excellent data on each keyword you track.


  • Everyday Rank Checking
  • Google Analytics and Search Console integration
  • Complete keyword data
  • Free 30-Day Trials
  • customer support


  • Limited keywords to follow
  • Limited areas to analyze

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8. SEO Monitor (Best For SEO Agencies)

SEO Monitor keyword tracking tool

Another tool SEO monitor is worth having in your SEO weapons. It’s offering a variety of many different things. It checks your website ranking daily for both desktop and mobile searches.

The most amazing feature of this tool is that it shows the closest variations of your target keyword to search volume data. The tool comes with full statistics – rank, search volume, CPC, bounce rate.


  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration
  • Daily Rank Checking
  • Complete keyword data
  • Free 14-Day Trial
  • customer support


  • Limited keywords to follow
  • Limited areas to analyze

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9. Web CEO (Digital Marketing Tools)

If you are exploring a reliable rank checker, Web CEO is considering the best. It provides an incredible feature for keyword ranking.

It allows you to monitor rankings on desktop and mobile devices. You can also check rankings on various search engines, i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and many more. You can also set your location in the country and city level.


  • Google Analytics and Search Console integration
  • Complete keyword data
  • Free 14-Day Trials
  • customer support


  • Weekly Rankings Check
  • Limited keywords to follow
  • Limited projects to make

10. Rank tracker(by Moz Pro)

Moz keyword tracking tool

Moz’s Rank Tracker is another tool that works great on ranking performance. It provides you with accurate ranking and keyword data. You can also set rank tracking to check positions from a specific location.

This tool is also an incredible tool when it comes to tracking changes in SERPs. It also shows you the performance of your competitors when your ranking progresses.

You can also put a tab on your rivals by keeping an eye on their rankings. And compare your rankings with them to improve performance.


  • Perfect for Newbies
  • Free 30-Day Trials
  • Great learning material
  • Customer support


  • Weekly Rank Check
  • Limited keywords to follow
  • Limited users
  • May not be consistent with experienced SEO

Which Tool Do You Check SEO Ranking?

Above is the review of 10 best keyword rank checker tools in the business right now. Also, I’m certain that there are significantly something beyond these. In any case, you have to ensure that your preferred rank tracker has below features:

  • Tracks positions for the number of keywords that suits your site’s needs
  • Refreshes rankings much of the time enough
  • Gives broad keywords information
  • Has an easy to use interface
  • Meets your financial budget.

Out of all of them, SEMrush & Ahrefs are 2 most popular SEO tools that almost everyone is using for tracking website position in search engine and many other SEO activities. Feel free to write a comment below and share your favorite keyword rank checker tool.

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Amit Choudhary


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