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The Hidden SEO Benefits of Choosing the Right Web Hosting

One can’t deny the fact that web hosting can’t take your website on the top in search engine results as web hosting offers space to store a data of website. It’s only SEO that beats your competitors online and put you on the top in the search results.  

Then, how web hosting impact on SEO?

Yes, the question is very great, and I am quite interested to share my views on this topic. Well, web hosting and SEO are opposite in the nature, but both attracts and relates each other.  

You must be thinking website exist in space without having any noticeable physical storage. But it’s not 100% true; all data and files of the website are stored on the physical space that is on server. 

Website needs a web hosting provider to work effectively to deliver an engaging online experience to visitors. Let’s discuss below the following questions that needs consideration. Such questions are listed down below:

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting comes with a server where website data and files are stored. Anyone can access those files and data from anywhere at any time.

how web hosting works
how web hosting works (source znetlive.com)

Website owner buys the space on rent to host his or her website with additional add – on services like security guard and handyman.

A best web hosting provider in USA is essential for boosting and maintaining the website’s traffic as it keeps the website active, secure and updated.  

What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

It is a digital marketing technique and helps a website to feature on the SERPs based on Google rankings, keywords, and content type. Genuine, fresh and high-quality content ensures good rankings. The primary objective of SEO is to increase organic, or non-paid, traffic to a website.


on page seo

A search engine uses complex algorithms that evaluate the relevance and quality of websites when users perform searches. SEO techniques aim to align websites with these algorithms and improve their chances of ranking higher in search results for relevant queries.

It encompasses various strategies and tactics, including keyword research, on – page optimization, off – page optimization, technical SEO, content creation, user experience and analytics & tracking.  

Impact of Web Hosting on SEO 

Getting a website listed on the top of SERPS is not easy. SEO consists of effective strategies that help the website rank in search engines.  However, getting the best web hosting provider or cheap web hosting with cpanel will improve the SEO performance and gives a seamless user experience.

 It will also maximize conversions by offering a high – speed services.  Furthermore, it comes with fewer downsides like a low bounce rate and less user engagement. With fewer issues like timeouts and server errors, visitors tend to spend more time on the website. This leads to an increase in lead generation and conversions equally. A web host has a profound impact on SEO and here’s how: 

Website Speed

Yes, these two words describe the web hosting provider’s performance. Plus, it also plays a key role in search engines in terms of determining website position. The loading speed of the website refers to page speed, the amount of time a website takes to load fully.  

Google’s search algorithm gives priority to the speed of the website. As per the study, 40% of users wait up to three seconds for a web page to load, after that most users tend to bounce off to another website drastically. 

If users experience frequent downtime or unresponsive then it’s sure that your content will not entertain. It will frustrate the users and divert them from other best options. It will affect the rankings of the website and move down the SERPs. This will impact the brand image in the long run.  

The prime reason for slow speed website and timeout errors is outdated host servers. The search engine crawlers found it tough to crawl the slow website. Even though your web pages are indexed on search engines if the limit ends, they automatically redirect to other websites. In such a situation, keyword-based content can’t be ranked highly on SERPs.       

A search engine spider tries to reach the website various times a day. Moreover, the search engine is able to track the downtime of the website. For example; Google crawler attempts to access the website and if error page is caught then it will not index the content or a website. Slow loading website can cause various errors that mark a website as unreliable, leading to a drop in its rankings.  

It is mandatory to understand that Google and other search engine entertain responsive and fast loading web pages. Any technical glitches or any negative user experience will affect the rankings; therefore, it’s necessary to select the best web hosting provider that offers fast loading speed and SEO – friendly features.  


Website security is crucial for both user experience and search engine rankings. If your website is compromised due to inadequate security measures provided by your hosting provider, it can negatively impact your SEO efforts. 

Opt for a web hosting provider that offers robust security features such as SSL certificates, firewalls, regular backups, and malware scanning. 

Search engines often rank those websites that have HTTPS and better security alters. If website security is compromised, then it will drop the rankings of the website. Best web hosts ensure website is secure 24*7 online. They protect websites from hackers and malicious bots with a robust antivirus.  

As per the study, Google redirects 95% of the traffic to HTTPS websites to give the safest space to the users.  A web hosting provider will give SSL Certificates to upgrade the security level of the website. Also, install the updated version of WordPress to eliminate the bug off security threats and vulnerabilities. However, having the safest website boost the confidence of the customers and helps them to proceed further on the website.  


Uptime is nothing but the amount of time when a website is accessible online. It is important as it decreases downtime and increases the visitors count on the website. 

Buying a reliable web hosting service will keep your website active and running 24*7 with increasing traffic. This leads to an increase in indexing, click rates, and rankings of the pages. 

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that downtime will occur when the hosts carry out essential maintenance. In such a situation, it’s the responsibility of the web hosting provider to inform their customers before maintenance and make sure website is getting live soon. If you select best web hosting provider then it’s guarantee that you’ll experience 99.9% uptime. They offer security stuff to prevent DDoS, malware attacks, etc.  


Yet another important factor of SEO is the location of the website. Search engines consider location based signals to deliver the optimal results. Here, you’ll get some questions to consider that are where is the user? Where is the business? where is the site located?   

All these are genuine reasons for where your website will be hosted. It plays a prime role in determining how far the data is traveling and the speed of the data. For example, if your business is located within the United States, then it needs a US data center. Same is applicable for other server locations too. 

If you’re working globally then CDN – Content Delivery Network is useful to target the nearest location of your business. 

Other factors of reliable SEO Web Hosting provider

The Hidden SEO Benefits of Choosing the Right Web Hosting
The Hidden SEO Benefits of Choosing the Right Web Hosting

SSL Certificates: Security is an essential factor for both users and search engines. Ensure that your web host provides SSL certificates (HTTPS) to secure your website and protect user data. SSL certificates also contribute to better search engine rankings. 

Scalability and Resources: As your website grows, you’ll need sufficient resources to accommodate increased traffic and content. Choose a web host that offers scalable hosting plans and provides ample storage, bandwidth, and processing power to meet your website’s needs.

Website Backup and Restore: Regular backups are crucial for safeguarding your website’s data. A reliable web host should offer automated backups and a straightforward restore process in case of any data loss or website issues.

SEO-Friendly Features: Some web hosts provide additional SEO features or integrations that can streamline your optimization efforts. Look for features like easy access to .htaccess files, customizable DNS settings, and support for SEO plugins or tools.

Customer Support: Opt for a web host that offers reliable and responsive customer support. In case of any technical issues or concerns, having a support team that can assist you promptly can save you time and potential headaches.

Reputation and Reviews: Research the reputation and customer reviews of potential web hosting providers. Look for feedback regarding their server performance, support quality, and overall customer satisfaction to gauge their reliability.

Cost-Effectiveness: While cost shouldn’t be the sole determining factor, consider the value you’re getting for the price. Compare the features, performance, and support provided by different web hosts to ensure you’re getting the best balance of quality and affordability. E.g. in case you want to buy reseller hosting plans, then look for cheap unlimited cpanel reseller hosting providers available online and compare their features & price before taking any purchase decisions.

FAQs – Why is web hosting important for SEO?

Why is web hosting important for SEO?

If your website has poor web hosting, it runs the risk of negatively affecting your SEO. Your site could suffer from downtime, which is about as bad of a user experience as someone could have. If the web host is slow, it is more likely that the user will leave your page and switch to another option.

What is the best hosting for SEO?

Best hosting provider for general SEO is BluehostFor WordPress blogs the winner is WP Engine. For website builders the winner is WIX.

Does Web hosting affect SEO?

Hosting isn’t often discussed as an SEO factor, but it can significantly impact your rankings, traffic, and conversions. Google doesn’t care which host you use, but it does care about factors like site speed, reliability, server uptime, and security — all of which are affected by your choice of host.

How do I choose SEO compatible hosting?

It depends on various factors like 1. High Uptime Guarantee · 2. Server Location · 3. Multiple Options · 4. Good Reviews · 5. Responsive Support Team.

Conclusion: How Web Hosting Can Skyrocket Your SEO Rankings

Web hosting plays a crucial role in the success of your website, and it can even skyrocket your SEO rankings.

Firstly, a reliable web hosting provider ensures that your website has maximum uptime, minimizing the chances of your site being inaccessible to search engine crawlers. This means search engines can easily access and index your web pages, increasing your visibility in search results.

Additionally, fast loading speed is an essential factor in SEO. A high-quality web hosting service optimizes server performance, reducing page load times. This not only improves user experience but also satisfies search engine algorithms that prioritize websites with fast loading speeds.

Moreover, web hosting affects website security. Search engines prioritize secure websites, and a reliable hosting provider offers robust security measures like SSL certificates, firewalls, and malware scanning. These security features not only protect your website but also enhance your SEO rankings.

By considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can find a reliable SEO web host that supports your website’s optimization efforts and provides a positive user experience. 

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