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Do you want to get more traffic from the search engines? If yes, then you need to understand what is keyword research and how to properly do it.

In this article, I am also going to share with you all the Free keyword research tools that you can use for researching keywords for your website.

When I started blogging in 2018, I didn’t know what keywords are and what role they play in the success of the blog.

And really it took me months to understand the basic concept of keyword research and their importance in SEO. In fact, I was not aware of what are the tools I need to use to find the best keywords to rank higher in Google.

Keyword research can be a real hard task especially for those who are just starting out and do not know much about what it is and how to do it.

What Is Keyword Research (Importance)

Keyword research is the process of extracting all the profitable keywords from the world wide web which will ultimately help your content to get visible to the search engines, reach more people & get more traffic.

And a keyword is the term or bunch of alphabets grouped together which a user types into a search engine to get the desired results is called a keyword

If you write an article without keyword research then you are doing a huge mistake.

Because without targeting a specific keyword none of the search engines will be able to understand what your content is all about, and what topic your article should be indexed for.

And without indexing, your article will never reach your target audience and search engines and people you want to reach. So it’s very important to do keyword research before you even start to write a blog post

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What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

In my opinion, beginners should not go for highly overpriced tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush or any other costly tools in the beginning. Rather you can utilize their free trials, which is quite handy.

E.g. SEMrush is the most powerful keyword research tool. Although it costs $99/mo, you don’t have to worry about that. You can Sign Up for SEMrush FREE Trial and enjoy all key features for free of cost. If you have a plan, then you can easily utilize that FREE trial period and complete your keyword research for your next website.

But free tools are more than enough for a beginner to get started with. And it’s of no use for the beginners because beginners mostly don’t have knowledge how to use these tools for their advantage in the initial days.

And I would recommend to only use the free tools in the initial days and as you go deeper into the game of blogging and you feel the need of these tools, then only think of purchasing them.

So in this article, you are going to witness all the free awesome keyword research tools available on the Internet today.

So without further due let’s dive in.

1. Google’s Keyword Planner

Believe me or not but every pro blogger used this tool in his/her blogging journey in the initial days. If you are doing blogging for quite some time now then chances are that you probably already know about it.

This tool is from Google so you can rely on this tool. How do you do keyword research for PPC? This is the tool who can help you to find profitable keywords for your next PPC campaign. Undoubtedly the most popular free keyword research tool.

Google Keyword Planner shows some of the really valuable data like search volume ranges, approximate bid on that keyword, advertising competition, etc.

This tool was originally made for the Advertisers but can also be used for extracting some of the great keywords which you will not find somewhere else.

I use this tool mainly for extracting keywords. And for seeing suggested bid and advertising competition.

Overall great tool for getting started for beginners. When you will enter Google keyword planner you will see two options

  • Find new keywords
  • Get search volume and forecasts

Let me elaborate further on what to do these options.

How to find keywords using Google Keyword Planner

You can choose this option to find the keywords related to the main keyword that you will enter

For example: if you type in “Make Money Online

google keyword planner

Then it will show you all the keywords that are related to that keyword, their search volume ranges, suggested bid and competition.

By adding an extension for chrome called Keywords Everywhere you can see the approximate search volume in Google’s Keyword planner itself.

We will discuss more keywords everywhere in the later part of this blog post.

Note: you don’t need to see the competition tab here because this tool was mainly built for advertisers and hence it shows the advertising competition.

It will also the main keyword you entered as well and their data.

Get search volume and forecasts

This option is very useful for getting the search volume and CPC of the bunch of keywords that you will enter here.

When you already have a list of the keyword then you can enter all of them in a bulk and get the desired data from here.

2. Ubersuggest (Best FREE SEMrush Alternative)

Ubersuggest can be an ultimate keyword research tool for beginners. This tool was purchased by Neil Patel on 13 February 2017,  for $120,000. And he relaunched it with exciting new features.


This tool promises to provide all the features that a paid tool provides, and that too absolutely for free. You don’t need to enter your credit card or any details, this tool is completely free

That’s why I love to use this Tool. In fact the #1 Best Free Keyword Research Tool in 2019 so far.

I’m sure many bloggers who are in the blogging game for a long period of time also wished it to be there when they were starting out.

So this is the golden opportunity for you, Because People starting out Blogging some years back didn’t have this opportunity of getting a premium Research tool for free.

Ubersuggest shows some really priceless data that can be very helpful for digital marketers and webmasters. Here are the features that Ubersuggest provides us.

  • Getting the search volume of the keyword
  • You can do research for a keyword related to specific country wise.
  • CPC of that keyword
  • LSI keywords related to the main keyword you entered and their data
  • The difficulty of keyword both paid and organic
  • All the websites that are ranking for that keyword in the top 10 from the selected country
  • Estimated visits all those top ranking websites are getting.
  • It also shows social share and domain score of the websites that are ranking for specific keywords
  • Spying on the backlinks of your competitors
  • Top pages that are driving traffic to your competitor’s website.
  • Domain overview feature

It provides all the features that all the paid tools are providing everything for free. Just go to Ubersuggest and type in your keyword or the domain name of your competitors that you want to research and you’ll see all the list of related keywords of the keyword that you searched for and their data that are related to the keyword you can also see the competition and the cost per click for that keyword.

This tool also helps in finding the keyword difficulty that means you can also determine that the keyword that you searched for can be rankable by you or not.

Therefore I think this is the best keyword research tool for beginners who are just starting out. with the help of Ubersuggest, you can also see the backlinks of your competitors URL has got and you can also see what are the main keywords or the main top pages that are driving traffic to their website.

Just type in your competitors URL on the Ubersuggest tool and you will see all the top pages that are driving traffic to that website the feature that I like the most in Ubersuggest is the backlink analyzer tool because most of the tools provide this feature for the paid users only and Ubersuggest is providing this feature just for free so that’s why I like to use Ubersuggest a lot.

3. SEMrush (FREE Trial Is More Powerful)

You might be thinking why the hell I am listing this paid tool out here, this is the list of free keyword research tools right? This is one of the best Moz alternatives.

high paying adsense keywords

But here’s a piece of good news for you. You can do 10 searches for free in 24 hours with this tool. You just have to make lots of different accounts on SEMrush and every time uses a VPN with different accounts.

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So when your limit is over in one account then you can go to another account. And with the help of this trick, you can do keyword research for free.

Sign Up For SEMrush Free Trial

4. Keywords Everywhere (Chrome Extension)

Keywords everywhere is a simple extension for Google Chrome browser which helps to get Keyword ideas, search volume, CPC and their competition metrics

This tool shows the data without you actually leaving the google. That means it will show you all the data within the Google search itself.

Let me show you what it looks like.

Keywords everywhere show the search volume, CPC, and competition data from within the various tools you don’t need to switch between different tools.

keyword everywhere chrome extension

It works well with all the below-listed tools

  • Google’s search
  • Google’s keyword planner
  • Google trends
  • Bing
  • eBay
  • Answer the public
  • Etsy
  • Soovle Google search console
  • Google analytics
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keywords shitter
  • Majestic
  • Most open site explorer

Here is the video on how to set up keywords everywhere extension for your browser


Overall it’s a great tool for beginners for finding search volume, CPC, and competition

5. Answer The Public

This is another great tool for finding out what people are searching for in Google related to a specific topic. Answer the Public shows all the questions, comparisons, prepositions, related searches and alphabetical.


The above image shows what actually Answer The Public looks like. And I entered digital marketing in the search box for finding out what people are searching related to that term.

And this shows me this amazing collection of questions or keywords that people actually search for If you scroll down you will find many more great keywords. So it’s a must-use tool to see what’s the trending questions and keywords on that topic.

6. Soovle

Soovle is another great tool for researching keywords which allows getting keywords from many different search engines at the same time.

It allows you to search keywords platform wise, i.e it tells you what keywords are being searched on different platforms related to that keyword.


It mainly searches for the keywords in these below platforms:

  1. Google
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Answers.com
  4. YouTube
  5. Amazon.com
  6. Bing.com
  7. Yahoo.com

Let me show you what it looks like in the tools or website itself. This is what it will look like when you will enter the website.

And next, we have to harvest those amazing keywords for our article. Just search your keyword in Soovle and you will find all the keywords which are being searched on these platforms.

I searched in Digital Marketing in Soovle. And this shows all the keywords which are being searched more in these respective platforms.

As you can see this keyboard is a gold mine when it comes to finding keywords. These are the keywords which are being searched more on these platforms. So this is the tool you must use for finding new keywords

Also, Keywords everywhere extension works very well with Soovle and shows search volume, CPC, competition

7. Keyword Shitter

Keyword shitter is another amazing tool which helps in finding all the related keywords related to the topic you enter on keyword shitter

You just have to go to their website and type in your primary keyword at the search box and hit shit keywords.

keyword shitter

And it will start searching all the keywords that are related to your main keyword And until you press the stop button it will continue to extract the keywords Here is a glimpse of the tool itself – I searched for Digital marketing here So this tool can also be a great helpful resource for you to find LSI keywords.

8. Keywordtool.io

This is the next tool that I want you all to be looking at, this tool can do some really amazing things when it comes to finding keywords.

Let me show you what wonders it can do. Here I searched in for digital marketing.


And This tool shows in all the different keywords related to digital marketing with all necessary details like monthly search volume, trend, CPC and competition of some of the keywords.

Although there are limitations, and only through paid subscription only you can access the entire data. But, whatever free information they are providing it is more than enough to list out all semantic & related keywords around the main keyword.

But you don’t need to pay for it ?. I have a simple trick for you. Thank God this tool doesn’t hide the keywords

You can copy these keywords whose data is not shown to either Ubersuggest or keywords everywhere tool and you can get the desired data like CPC, competition, and search volume of these keywords for free from there.

Thank me later ?

9. LSI Graph

LSI graph or LSI Keyword Generator is another free keyword research tool with which you can easily find out semantic keywords, long-tail keywords, and LSI keywords for free.

As you can see this tool is somewhat like keywordtool.io. It’s not showing the data for. Some reason but it’s a great tool

And if the data does not show up for you also then you can always copy the keywords in Ubersuggest or keywords everywhere extension and get the data from there.

10. Keyword.guru

This keyword research tool is not known by many and works almost the same as the soovle research tool.

It shows keywords which are being searched related to the keyword that you will enter. Mail it shows data from these major platforms

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google play

You can also put your main keyword on this tool and find out some more keywords, in case other tools don’t capture them. Here the main purpose is to find out or list out all the related search terms using different keyword research tools for free.

10. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is not a keyword research tool but it shows you some of the most valuable data like what type of content performs best and what type of content is shared more on social media related to the keyword that you will be able to type in.


From there you can also analyze what type of titles and description they use which gets most social shares and optimize your content accordingly

So definitely you wanna use this tool to see what type of content is working really great in your niche

11. Small SEO tools

Small SEO tools are the complete package for your all SEO needs, with small SEO tools you can do all the basic things that you can do from other SEO tools, Like.

  1. Backlink checking
  2. Keyword research
  3. Keyword position tracker
  4. And bunch of other different features

And you can do pretty much anything that you need for your SEO with this tool. This is one of my best FREE SEO tools with which I generally perform multiple tasks like free competitor backlink checker, free plagiarism checker, free keyword rank tracker etc.

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How To Find Keywords Without A Tool?

Yes, that is also possible. There are multiple ways you will get useful search terms or keywords that are worth including in your blog post. Here are few of the ways you can utilize Google and other websites to find out profitable long-tail keywords.

12. Google’s Autosuggest Features

You might have noticed that whenever you search something on Google, automatically Google shows some more search terms. In fact, we generally type a small word and follow those terms to choose the long-tail version of that keyword.

So you need to note down all the LSI Keywords that you see. So from here also you can find some of the great keywords.

Here also Keywords everywhere extension works very well and shows search volume, CPC, competition. Here I just typed How to cook on Google and it started showing me all the keywords that people actually search for.

google auto suggest

13. Google’s Related Searches

Next thing that I want you to be looking at is Google’s related searches. Whenever you type in something on Google then Google gives all the related LSI keywords at the bottom of the page and with the help of this, you can see some of the keywords that are related to your primary keyword.

Those keywords which you find at the bottom of the page are called LSI Keywords (Latent semantic Index Keywords) or you can say keywords closely related to your main Keyword.

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Note down all those Keywords to a notepad and whenever you write your article, use those LSI Keywords in your article. And this tactic will help you to get more traffic from Google. Let me show you an example of what exactly it looks like and where to find.

So in this way you can find all the LSI keywords or the related keywords of the primary keyword that you want to rank for. You can also see the search volume, CPC, competition besides these keywords if you use keywords everywhere extension.

14. Google trends

This tool is not built for finding keywords but it shows some of the keywords that are trending on the primary keyword that you enter.

You can use Google trends to check whether the keyword that you are trying to rank for is growing in popularity or dying in popularity.

google trends

Because you will never want to create a blog post that nobody searches for. So this tool shows you the trending graph of that keyword over the past period of time.

If the graph seems to move up that it’s a good signal that the keyword you are fighting for is worth fighting for, but if it’s dying in popularity then you should not go after that keyword because it will be not good for the long run.

The cool thing that I like about this tool is that it shows your data according to country. Let me show you a trend graph for Digital Marketing.

As you can see the graph is going up and is growing in popularity. So it can be a good idea to target keywords related to digital marketing. And also if you see below it suggests you some of the keywords. So from here also you can find a great list of keywords and check it’s trend.

15. Quora

Quora is the largest question / Answer community on the internet today. And in these platforms, you can get questions and answers related to any of the topics you want.

And if you want an answer to any of your question then you can also post your questions there and the community members will answer them.

Quora is not a place where you can find keywords but instead, it’s a place where you can look out what questions are being asked in the topic of your niche.

And you can note down all the questions that people are asking and you can then ultimately come up with your blog post for that specific question. It’s also a great marketing platform for bloggers who want to get in front of their target audience.

For marketing your Blog posts on quora you just simply have to search for questions that are related to your blog post. And then you need to answer those questions genuinely solving the issue of the person who has asked the question.

But here’s a catch.

You need to present your answers in such a way that the reader gets immersed and influenced by your writing style.

And you don’t have to provide the full solution to the query at the quora itself, just provide half answer and at the last put a link saying if you want to know more than I have made a complete detailed blog post on this topic, if you want to know more than you can check it out

Make it a habit of answering questions daily on Quora at least 3 to 4 answers. I personally give 3 to 5 answers daily on Quora. And at the same time, I get to see all the question or the queries that people have.

So it’s a great tool for both finding topics and marketing.

The algorithm of quora is very simple, if you spend more time on quora then quora will give more exposure to your answers and ultimately your answer will reach more people on Quora.

16. YouTube Auto-Suggest Keywords

Have you ever noticed that whenever you search something on YouTube, the YouTube auto-suggest some keywords? This is exactly same as Google auto suggestions only.

youtube auto suggest keyword

Those are the actual keywords which are related to the keyword you are searching for so you need to note down all the keywords that are related to your primary Keyword.

So from here also you can find some of the keywords that you can only get in the YouTube which are being searched more on YouTube.

17. Google search console

Google search console shows the keywords that you are already ranking for. You have to add your website to Google search console, and after a few days you will find out all the list of keywords for which your website is getting traffic.

Add those keywords into your blog post & increase your website’s visibility to search engines. This is a good way to update your old blog posts and revive them with new search terms & missing keywords.

Conclusion: Which Free Keyword Tools Is Best?

So fare we have listed out 18 free keyword research tools in this article and now I am sure you got confused. But you don’t have to worry about keyword research too much. Just follow this very simple process and things will be perfect.

Use only a few of them like Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, Keyword.io, etc and try to understand initially how to do keyword research and understand the ranking of different articles on those terms.

You may love to read more such detailed articles

Write a comment below and share your favorite keyword research tool for free to do keyword research for your blog. Feel free to share this article in your social circle if you find our efforts worthy.

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