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best seo articles to read

Want to learn the basics of SEO or Search Engine Optimization? But what are the best blogs and resources to learn about SEO in 2023? Let me help you to find those best SEO articles of 2023 to learn SEO.

I know there are some top SEO blogs around like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Backlinko, Search Engine Journal, Neil Patel etc. But in this article, I am sharing some of the SEO articles written by Top Indian Bloggers, which are worth sharing.

SEO is very crucial when we talk about ranking high on Google search. As a beginner, many bloggers follow some bad SEO habits and regret later. So make sure you read this detailed guide to avoid basic SEO mistakes.

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Do You Need An SEO Training Course to Learn SEO?

Guys, here I am trying to do something intentionally to attract few specific searches to my articles. These are some keywords that came to my mind:

  • Best SEO training course in India
  • Best SEO course training institute in Hyderabad
  • Top 10 SEO training institute in Bangalore
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Don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to tell you that SEO is not a specific process or some steps to follow. It is a continuous process. I have learned about SEO by reading & following many awesome bloggers.

So, if you are a beginner and searching with these terms, then I would like to request you to spend a few days to read these articles first. You will get to know about what is SEO and how it works.

You are most welcome to join any SEO training course institute. But if you start from scratch and join any SEO course, it may go in vain.

Whether you are a blogger, a business owner or a Digital marketer, SEO is something you have to learn to get the best results. But you don’t have to find any SEO course online, as these 15 SEO articles will help you learn the basics of SEO.

The best part is these articles are shared by the top Indian Pro-Bloggers who have already tested everything before writing these awesome SEO articles. Without wasting further time, let’s start get started.

23+ Best SEO Articles from Top Indian Bloggers

best seo articles to read
best seo articles to read

1. Long Form Content SEO Ranking Strategy: 11 Must-Follow Tips to Rank

This is the topmost blog in India. I am talking about shoutmeloud.com, run by Harsh Agrawal. We all know that longer content performs better in search ranking. Harsh has narrated perfectly how you can write a long content, make it SEO optimized and outrank competitors in search ranking.

Key takeaways:

  • Keyword research is the first step
  • Look for long tail search terms
  • Use sub-headings to target similar keywords
  • Internal-linking is a must
  • Optimize your title & meta tags

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2. How to Increase Your Website Search Traffic Fast In 2023 [The Noob Guide]

BloggersPassion is an awesome blog run by pro-blogger Anil Agarwal. Anil is very much experienced in this domain and has written some epic content.

This is one of the best SEO articles of 2023 you should not miss. Building traffic to a new website is a real challenge these days. Especially when search engine algorithms have changed a lot in the last few years.

Due to that, the definition of SEO has changed with time. I am sure you will learn so many actionable facts after reading this awesome guide.

Key Takeaways:

  • In-depth content is loved by the user & search engines both
  • Do regular site audits for broken links, bad links etc.
  • Participate in Facebook groups, Quora for traffic

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3. How to Become an SEO Expert by Thinking Like a Search Engine

DigitalDeepak.com is one of my favorites and without any doubt India’s best Digital marketing blog. Deepak Kanakaraju is the founder of this awesome blog. His blog is a great resource to explore various articles and experiences. 

SEO is one of the major areas where one needs to have a good knowledge for building a career in Digital Marketing. By proper knowledge of SEO only, one can understand how search engines work and accordingly what kind of strategy can be built.

Key Takeaways:

  • Search engines are looking for RELEVANCY with the search term & your website content
  • QUALITY is the next big thing, so create high-quality content

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4. 27+ Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Exponentially in 2023

Akshay Hallur is an awesome person and pro-blogger in India. I found this article really useful because it is all about the most interesting topic, blog traffic. Yes, the biggest struggle for every blogger, how to bring traffic to a new blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • We must focus on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook to improve engagement and bring lots of traffic.
  • Find out the most popular hashtags to grab the attention of the mass user and bring lots of traffic from Twitter.
  • Increase engagement on question answer platforms like Quora.

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5. Secret Google Search Footprints for SEO & Internet Marketing

Iftekhar Ahmed is one of the most popular SEO bloggers in India. He runs one of the best SEO blogs in India, iftiseo.com. This is my favorite, as I can find some real SEO hacks, link building techniques, event blogging tips, and many more practical experiences here.

While building backlinks, you need various footprints to find out different types of websites. Not only that, there are many footprints which are helping us to track different website matrix of our websites, competitors website. This is one of the best SEO articles that should be bookmarked by all bloggers & Digital marketers for ready reference.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use keywords in double quotes to find how many websites used that term directly in the blog title
  • Use site:yourdomain to check your website’s index status
  • Easily find websites who accept guest posts in your niche

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6. 5 Effortless Technical SEO Tips to Enhance Your E-commerce Rankings

BloggingCage.com is run by Kulwant Nagi. He is one of the most popular affiliate marketers & influential bloggers in India. E-Commerce websites are growing day by day, but how to do SEO for e-commerce websites? This article will clear all your doubts and help you to rank your website on top of Google search.

Although this article is actually written by Jaydip Parikh, it has enough information to get a good idea about how SEO works for eCommerce websites. One of the major issues with eCommerce websites are the canonical pages and you will find the solution for this easily.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fix the rel=canonical problem
  • Improve website speed
  • A site should be 100% mobile-optimized

7. 14 Tips to Make Your SEO Campaign A Success

Atish is one of my good blogging friends and his website TechTricksWorld.com is quite famous. He is a very famous blogger in India who is known for his great heart and helping nature. I found this article very interesting and useful, especially if you are planning to run an SEO campaign.

Key Takeaways:

  • Always proofread your content for typos and other grammatical mistakes
  • Website structure must be SEO-friendly
  • Research your competitors

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8. 2023 Google SEO Strategy Guide

Hellboundbloggers.com is one of India’s leading technology websites, founded by Pradeep Kumar. He is an awesome person with a huge heart to help others. This SEO strategy guide is an awesome resource to understand how SEO works for ranking in Google search.

One of the most important things to work for in 2019 would be voice search. Voice search will dominate SEO in coming days and one must optimize the content according to that.

Key Takeaways:

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9. SEO for Dummies 2023: What is SEO and How to Master SEO

Jyoti Chauhan is an expert SEO specialist and blogger. She has immense knowledge in SEO and has shared many useful articles on her website. I am a regular follower of her blog and have learned various tips and tricks of SEO.

SEO has changed a lot in the last couple of years and I have been reading her articles to be a part of this change till date. This one from her is one of the best SEO articles to read and understand easily.

Key takeaways:

  • Building quality backlinks matters a lot
  • Keeping the right ratio of anchor text is very important
  • Social signals play the similar role of backlinks

10. Blogger Outreach: Simple Technique to Insanely Grow Your Blog Traffic

Ankit Singla has started masterblogging.com to educate people how to blog effectively to make a living out of it. The quality of content and the topics he is writing on that website is simply awesome.

He has recently shared this blogger outreach guide where he described to pitch a blogger in your niche and get the necessary exposure. If you want to gain your backlink profile, improve the visibility of your blog in your niche, then blogger outreach is the best & most effective way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find prospective influential bloggers in your niche & connect with them
  • Build a relationship with them in social media, share their work

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11. Top 20 SEO Ranking Factors (In 2023) You Should Know

I know that Brian Dean has shared a massive list of 200 ranking factors. But still, you can read this effective 20 SEO ranking factors shared by Amit Mishra on his website.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your domain age is important, more years means more authority
  • The country extension is getting priority for country-specific searches
  • Longer content with high-quality in-depth details ranks well

I really like the part of his content where he has mentioned:

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12. SEO in 2023: Top 5 SEO Trends to Look Out For (3rd Tip is Directly from Google)

You should not depend on SEO, that’s what Swadhin has mentioned in his article. SEO is changing all the time and whichever techniques are working now, may not work tomorrow. In fact, there should not be any formula which can define the path.

So, it is better to learn the top priorities of SEO and then apply the best practices. Quality content, user-friendly website design, mobile-friendly & fast loading website is the key to get success in the long run. This is another must-read and best SEO articles of this year.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about Google’s E-A-T algorithm update
  • Google Rankbrain will change the entire ranking game gradually
  • Don’t depend too much on SEO
  • Voice search is the next big thing

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13. 7 Basic SEO tips to Optimize Your Blog (Beginners Guide)

Satish Kumar Ithamsetty is an awesome guy who has shared a very basic and actionable SEO guide for beginners. As a beginner, if you don’t want to get into advanced things first, better start with this simple & clear SEO tips.

SEO is a continuous learning process. The more you practice, the more you learn. So, make sure you follow the basic guidelines and make this a habit in your writing style. As a beginner, many people miss these points in a hurry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Title & meta description still plays a major role in ranking
  • Internal linking is a great way link building within your own website
  • Image Optimisation is a key thing, which many of us forget

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14. 11 Quick Ways to Improve Your WordPress SEO

Ravi has shared another article on WordPress SEO. If you are running your website in WordPress then you are very lucky, as WordPress itself provides so many easy ways to keep the basic SEO things perfect.

There are multiple things to do within WordPress which will make sure your website SEO is as expected.E.g. your permalink structure, robots.tx file, sitemap etc.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your permalink structure should be clean & SEO friendly
  • Create your own robots.txt file
  • Use SSL certificate to make sure your website is secure and also this is one of Google’s ranking factors

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15. SEO Hacks eBook: Tips to get your articles on 1st Page of Google

Sumit is especially famous for his awesome active Facebook group, and of course for his experiences in blogging & affiliate marketing. I found Sumit is offering an ebook as free on his website, which is worth reading.

Key takeaways:

  • He has covered important on page SEO factors in this ebook.
  • Shared practical screenshots to explain how he is ranking in Google 1st page for multiple keywords.
  • You will also get some bonus tips

Download the eBook

16. Silo Structure For SEO: An Ultimate Guide to Implement on WordPress Sites & Niche Blogs

Satish is one of my good blogging friends. He is into this blogging business from a long time and has established a very solid reputation. He is very knowledgeable in terms of SEO and website design. In fact, he is running his own company to provide various services like web design, link building etc.

This article is on SILO structure, which is something you must learn as a beginner. SILO structure works great for niche specific websites and also helps to get ranked very fast. Before starting a blog, you must learn these advanced, but simple techniques to make sure you are following the best path towards your blogging journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Improve on-page SEO factors of the website
  • Very helpful to rank a website with targeted keywords
  • Achieve high audience engagement

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17. 11 Ways to Find Profitable Keywords for SEO like a Pro Blogger in 2023

Profitable niche is what everyone is looking for while starting a blog. Because the purpose is to make money from blogging. But how to find the profitable keywords which can be ranked easily? Check this article where Pardeep Goyal has shared his in-depth knowledge.

Keyword research is one of the key tasks to perform before writing anything. It is not what we want to write, rather what users are looking for. In that case, you must know what people are looking in your niche and then prepare something awesome to solve their problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use keyword research tools to find profitable long tail keywords
  • Find out the questions people are asking to get an answer in search engines
  • Keep a track on your competitors’ high traffic keywords

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18. How to Improve Your Keyword Search Results Ranking?

WPGlossy is an awesome blog for all WordPress bloggers. This website is running by one of my good blogging friends Nirmala Santhakumar. She is one of the best people to help you to get away with your WordPress website issues. She has written a couple of awesome articles on her website on page-speed optimization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t stuff keywords, this is 2023
  • Do not focus much on commercial keywords; instead, you may target INFORMATIONAL keywords
  • It’s better to ignore Profile creation/Directory submission backlink strategy

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19. Top SEO Tips for Your Startup

Are you planning to start a startup in 2019? That’s awesome. But do you know what are the key SEO strategies you should follow to make sure you are following the right path? Then follow this simple but effective guide shared by my friend Saurav Tiwari on his blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a good website structure with easy navigation to key pages.
  • One page websites are not working, create multiple pages.
  • Reach influencers to earn backlinks.

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20. 10 Actionable SEO Copywriting Techniques in 2023 to Rank Higher (& Faster)

Manidipa Bhaumik is an awesome talent when it comes to doing content research, editing and copywriting.

She has been in this field for many years and have shared some amazing articles on her website. I found this one highly relevant to this topic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create killer headlines to improve CTR (click through rate)
  • Don’t miss a single long tail keyword around your focus keyword
  • Call to action is a must to improve user engagements

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21.What is a Technical SEO Audit?

You must read this article to understand why SEO audit should be a regular activity to make sure your website is always in good health. Navin has shared a very detailed guide on this topic. You may not find the exact process to do this, but this article will give a basic idea about this topic and how to proceed further.

Key Takeaways:

  • It should be a recurring activity
  • Use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog frequently
  • Fix 404 errors, broken links

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22. 11 Best Tips to Improve SEO Rankings of Your Website In 2023

Jitendra Vaswani is one of the top 10 pro-bloggers from India. His website bloggersideas.com is very popular within as well as outside of India. He has taken part in many international affiliate summits and got connected to many influential persons like Neil Patel and many more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create highly useful and unique content to help people
  • Improve your website’s page speed to improve the users’ experience
  • Use rich media like video, images, podcast, slides etc.

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23. 20 Free Digital Marketing Tools for SEO Analysis

When you are learning about SEO, you need various tools to do the hands-on practices. As a beginner, it is very difficult to spend money on paid tools. But if you follow this awesome article from soravjain.com [Sorav Jain], you will find 20 awesome free tools to do various SEO analysis.

Among them, the top 2 are obviously Google Analytics and Google search console. As soon as you are done with your WordPress setup, you must add Google analytics tracking code to your website & validate your search console. Not only that, you must submit your sitemap file to search console. This way, there are many other useful tools mentioned.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google analytics & Search console should not be missed
  • Do check page-speed occasionally using Google page-speed tool
  • Use free SEO-audit tools to check your website’s health

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24. Top 10 Off Page SEO Techniques That Actually Work In 2023

How come we can complete SEO without discussing off-page SEO. I found this tutorial from Rahul beginner friendly and to the point. Yes, this is a good guide to read and understand quickly on how to proceed with off-page SEO techniques in 2019.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find broken links of your competitors
  • Do regular guest posting on your relevant niche sites
  • Quality blog commenting still works greats

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25. Link Building in 2023: 18 Proven Techniques to Get High-Quality Backlinks

This article is one of the best SEO articles of 99signals.com, written by Sandeep Mallya. He is one of India’s top successful bloggers who is making a good income from his website.

Building quality backlinks have always been the top priority in SEO. However, with time the typical link building techniques have started giving no result. That’s why one must put more efforts to build natural & high-quality backlink through blogger outreach, by creating high-quality shareable content etc.

Key Takeaways:

  • Build Backlinks with Infographics
  • Submit Your Site to Blog Aggregators
  • Use Brian Dean’s Moving Man Method
  • Build Authoritative Links with HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

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Do You Like This List of Best SEO Articles of 2023?

I tried my level best to create a resource article for every beginner so that they can get started with SEO. Search engine optimization is a crucial part of the blogging business. You have to learn this properly whether you are running your own blog or work as a Digital marketing consultant.

Joining a course would definitely help you to start with proper flow, but the real knowledge on SEO can be gained through practical way only. You have to do things on your own like creating websites, building backlinks etc. to see how SEO works.

I am sure these 25 SEO articles will give you a very good base to start your blogging career or Digital marketing career in India. I hope you will also agree with me. And if you do, please share this article in social media and help me to reach to every single person who is struggling to learn SEO and starting a career in blogging.

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