Planning to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost in 2021 and make money from blogging? Then you are in the right place. In this detailed tutorial, I will share the step by step guide on how to set up a blog with Bluehost in 2021 and earn money from that.

Blogging has become very popular and one of the most popular ways to generate passive income online. If you are starting a blog in 2021 on WordPress, Bluehost is the right choice as they have been the most popular web hosting company for decades. You can grab a special Bluehost Coupon Price $2.95/mo using our special promotional link [Discounted price].

So, let me share the steps to start a WordPress blog with Bluehost hosting (complete screenshots) and also share the solid plan to earn money from your blog through affiliate marketing.

how to start a wordpress blog on bluehost
how to start a wordpress blog on bluehost in 2021

Why Choose Bluehost For Starting A New Blog In 2021

Before I share how to create a website with Bluehost in 2021, let me tell you that I am using Bluehost Choice Plus plan and I found it is the best Bluehost plan. Let me share the screenshot of my Bluehost account so that you can trust my words.

Bluehost Choice Plus Plan

Bluehost has been the #1 WordPress recommended hosting company for a long time. Just visit this link and you can see that Bluehost as #1 Web Hosting providers in that list. The other 2 are DreamHost & SiteGround. In fact I have also listed Bluehost as the #1 Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers in 2021.

wordpress hosting

As a beginner, you need a feature packed, reliable and affordable hosting. And Bluehost is the perfect choice for every beginner. Bluehost is the best budget hosting with amazing features, right security tools, latest PHP, Free Domain and many more features. And that why Bluehost is the #1 recommended hosting to start a new blog in 2021.

Let me share few of the amazing features of Bluehost WordPress hosting plans.

  • Free website migration
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free domain name for 1st year
  • Free SSD drives on all shared hosting plans
  • PHP7, HTTP/2, NGINX Caching
  • Unlimited web traffic & storage space
  • Easy WordPress 1-click installation and officially recommended by
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate & Cloudflare CDN
  • New Bluerock control panel, built in NGINX caching

How To Start A WordPress Blog With Bluehost in 2021 [Step By Step Guide]

So, now that you know why to start a blog on Bluehost is the right decision, let us dive into the detailed steps and create our first blog on Bluehost WordPress Hosting. This is a complete end to end tutorial after which you will find your WordPress website live.

Before starting this process, you need to ready with a few of the things mentioned so that we don’t waste time.

  • A credit card so that you can pay your hosting charges. Here I am talking about, not Bluehost India. They accepts only Credit Card.
  • A domain name handy or you can buy a new one with Bluehost (free for the first year)
  • A good premium WordPress theme to enjoy a fast loading website (E.g. Thrive ThemesGeneratePress, Genesis Framework, etc). This website is designed using Thrive Theme Builder.

I think this is enough to start the process of setting up a self-hosted website in Bluehost. Follow the step by step guide below.

Step 1: Buy Hosting From

To start a blog with Bluehost, first of all, click here to visit the Bluehost website. They offer a 63% discount on their web hosting plans by default. You will find the price as $3.95/mo everywhere, but with this link you can activate the special price of $2.95/mo.

bluehost wordpress hosting

We will buy Bluehost WordPress hosting plan as this is best suited for WordPress platforms. Well managed with latest PHP, free backup, server side optimization and more. Let me share more about this in next step.

Step 2: Choose The Best Bluehost Plan

Click on the CHOOSE PLAN button and you will find 3 different plans there. Bluehost offers 3 WordPress Shared hosting plans: BASIC, PLUS, CHOICE PLUS. I love the CHOICE PLUS plan as it is having everything I need as a starter. You can host unlimited websites and the price is also not that high compared to the BASIC plan.

bluehost pricing details
  • Bluehost Basic Plan ($2.95/mo): good for someone who wants to run only a single site
  • Bluehost Plus Plan ($5.45/mo): best and recommended one, where you can host unlimited websites
  • Bluehost Choice Plus plan ($5.45/mo): You can go for the Choice Plus package in case you need Code Guard and domain privacy and are ready to pay a higher renewal fee

If you ask me which Bluehost plan is best, then I would recommend to go with CHOICE PLUS plan as there are no difference with PLUS plan in terms of pricing. And you will also get more features. But as a beginner, you can start with the BASIC plan as this is the cheapest Bluehost Plan to start a blog in 2021.

Step 3: Get Bluehost FREE Domain Offer

Choose a plan as per your needs. And then click on SELECT. You will find a screen like below. Here you have to provide a domain name. In case you have a domain name already, then you have to change the DNS settings of your domain using GoDaddy or NameCheap login.

bluehost free domain offer

Otherwise, if you don’t have a domain then this is the best way to save the first year domain charges. As Bluehost offer a free domain name. Try to do the necessary researches before finalizing the domain name. Anyway, provide the domain name and click on the NEXT button.

Step 4: Provide Personal Information

On the next screen, you have to fill up all necessary information like your name, address, city, email address, mobile number, etc. On the same screen, just scroll down a little bit to find out the Bluehost hosting plan pricing details and the duration for which you want to buy.

bluehost account information

Provide accurate information, as your are going to receive all hosting related details, Name servers, cPanel login etc on that email id only.

Step 5: Choose 36 mo Plan For Bluehost Maximum Discount Promo

To start a blog with Bluehost while getting the maximum discount, make sure that you choose a 36-month plan. I did a mistake of buying for 1 year, and after that now I renewing my Bluehost package by paying the actual charges. You will not get any Bluehost renewal discount to save money after that.

bluehost discount

So, bet way to save money is by choosing for 36-month, so that you can get the lowest price for 3 years. Now, just try to move your cursor out of this page and you will get a popup like below. Bluehost generally offers a special 70% discount occasionally.

bluehost special discounted price

If you get that popup then you can enjoy even further discounted price of $2.65/mo.

Step 6: Remove Extra Bluehost Addons

By default you will find many things will be ticked on that page. You can simply un-tick them all and only focus on the hosting with Free Domain name.

bluehost addons

If you buy Choice PLUS plan, you will get Code Guard Basic as free of cost. That’s why I found Choice Plus plan as the Best Bluehost Plan. But you have to buy for at least 3 years if you want to save huge, otherwise CHOICE PLUS plan renewal charges are quite high. So, be smart and take decisions as per your plan.

Step 7: Choose Bluehost Payment Options

Bluehost offers payment through Credit card & Paypal. That’s why I have mentioned in the beginning to get ready with your credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, then take help from your friends or family.

bluehost payment options

Provide the credit card information and then click on the SUBMIT button to complete the purchase. Make sure to agree with the Terms & Conditions.

bluehost checkout page

Step 8: Create Account on Bluehost

Now that you have purchased a hosting plan with the maximum Bluehost discount, on the next screen, it will ask you to create a password for your Bluehost cPanel. Choose a password that is very tricky to crack for others, but simple to remember for you. Make sure you followed the password rules.

welcome bluehost start blog on bluehost

As soon as you are done with your password, you can log in to your dashboard. You will also get an email with all the necessary details as well.

Create Password Start a Blog with Bluehost

Click on the next screen and it will ask you to login to Bluehost.

Step 9: Login To Bluehost cPanel Account

Click on the login button and provide your id & password. After successful login, you will find a screen like below. Click on the Start Blogging button and continue with the dashboard.

bluehost password successfully created

The Bluehost interface is really awesome. If you are installing the first time also, you will hardly find it difficult. As soon as you log in to your Bluehost cPanel you will find it like below.

Step 10: Install WordPress On Bluehost

Under the website section in your cPanel, you will find easily the option INSTALL WORDPRESS. It will open a screen of Mojo marketplace. Bluehost is internally integrated with Mojo marketplace which provides a very good interface to install WordPress as well as many other services related to a blog set up.

On the next screen, select the domain name on which you want to install WordPress. Make sure you keep the directory field blank. If you have a specific requirement like you want to install WordPress on a blog directory then you can write. In that case, your website will launch like

On successful installation, you will find a screen like below.

Next, you can log in to your WordPress website using the link. You will find a screen like below where Bluehost will offer a screen to configure various WordPress settings.

You can follow the step by step guide to set up your complete WordPress site. Website title, header and other information.

Step 11: Welcome To Bluehost Dashboard

As I have already mentioned, you can either choose a free theme from the theme gallery offered by Mojo marketplace. But it is always better to pick any of the SEO-friendly premium themes from StudioPress Themes or Thrive Themes.

Step 12: Start Using Bluehost Tools To Run Your Blog  

After completing all the steps, you will reach a screen like below. Here you have to click on the launch button to make your website live.

This is the detailed guide on how to start a blog with Bluehost WordPress hosting. By now, you are done with the complete blog setup. After that, there are various other things that you must do to run your WordPress blog. Just check this guide here.

Let me summarize few of the crucial activities.

  • Posts: You can write new articles using the Posts area. Make sure you do enough research and pick the keywords related to your blog niche.
  • Media: Here you’ll see your media(Photos, Videos) Uploads and manage them
  • Pages: Here you need to create all necessary pages like contact us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Service, Disclaimer, etc.
  • Comments: First delete the default comment. In case you want comments, then install an anti-spam plugin to deal with spam comments.
  • Appearance: If you want to change your blog design, you can install a new theme using that area. I have shared a detail list of good WordPress themes.
  • Plugins: You need many plugins to run a successful blog. So make sure to install all the necessary plugins on your WordPress blog. You can install the free plugins, but if you have a budget make sure to invest in necessary tools. You can read the importance of investment in blogging.

You can share your experience or write any kind of query by a simple comment below. Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter or other social channels if you think this post is useful for others too. 🙂

FAQs: Starting A Blog On Bluehost

Is Bluehost good for blogging?

Bluehost is the most popular web hosting company who offers FREE Domain name, FREE SSL Certificate, great interface, good support and most importantly #1 WordPress recommended hosting.

Can you make money with Bluehost?

Yes, you can make money by starting a blog on Bluehost. You can join the Bluehost Affiliate Program and then promote Bluehost from your blog. Besides that also, you can promote many affiliate programs as per your blog niche.

How do I start a WordPress blog in 2021?

This is what I have explained in this article with the example of the Bluehost Sign Up process. WordPress is an amazing CMS where anyone can create a website in just a few minutes. Just follow this step by step guide with screenshots to create a blog with Bluehost.

Is WordPress really free?

Yes, WordPress is a FREE platform if you are talking about In case of, the CMS is free but you need a web hosting plan where you can install WordPress. In that case, you have to spend for a good hosting company.

How much does Bluehost plans cost?

Bluehost plans start with $3.95/mo generally. But if you used our promotional link then you can start with $2.95/mo for 36 month plan.

Conclusion: How To Start A Blog On Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plan in 2021

So, I hope you will find this detailed Bluehost tutorial on how to start a blog with Bluehost hosting useful. Bluehost is a good hosting company that offers a lot of features and is also recommended by They are quite affordable as well.

Starting a blog is the first step towards blogging. There are many things to do to set up a blog and then earn money from that. If you keep patience, follow the top bloggers in your niche then you can surely create a successful blog with time. Get the special price of $2.95/mo and start a blog with Bluehost today!

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